10 Reasons Having a 401K is Better Than Having a Kid

Most of my posts will be about more serious financial topics, but I thought it would be fun to inject a little more humor into the personal finance world. :)  Check out the 10 reasons having a 401k is better than having a kid: 1. Your kid can absorb a nearly unlimited amount of money, […]

The 5 Stages of Financial Grief

After watching how people react when I talk to them about money and finances, I began to see some distinct patterns.  These different perspectives on finance seemed to directly correlate with their financial maturity, knowledge and well-being.  One of the more common and discouraging attitudes I see toward money is one of denial. This intrigued […]

Pushing For More

As I began reading Mr. Money Mustache and other financial independence related blogs, I began to find a wealth of awesome new ideas that I wanted to implement.  However, lots of these did not apply to me yet, since I was not out living on my own.  But one thing that did apply to me […]

Your Broker Could Be Making You Broker!

I won’t assign homework very often, but I think this is important enough to warrant it.  Your homework is to watch a documentary by Frontline called The Retirement Gamble, which I highly recommend.  It is only about an hour long, but it packs a ton of life changing financial information. I recently was helping someone […]

Calculating Real Cost

Let’s take a look at how much something really costs. For our example, we’ll use this Useless Box from Amazon (yes, it’s a real item).  Because let’s be real, most of the things people buy are useless boxes anyways. There is one of these that comes disassembled for $39.99. Cost:  $39.99 But we don’t want […]

Playing Hardball

My fiance and I have been faced with the first big financial hurdle on our journey:  housing. Because our goal is to pay cash for our first house, it was very important to get this right since it will be our biggest monthly expense.  We considered renting a house or buying a manufactured home, but […]

My Refreshingly Boring Commute

Today was a fairly routine day.  Got up for work, drove to work, worked out, worked, and then drove back home from work.  (Wow, that’s quite a bit of work.)  But lately, my commute to and from work has been a little different.  My drive home today was actually a stress reliever!  Instead of the […]

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

“We are like dwarfs on the shoulders of giants, so that we can see more than they, and things at a greater distance, not by virtue of any sharpness of sight on our part, or any physical distinction, but because we are carried high and raised up by their giant size.” -  Bernard De Chartres […]


Hello and welcome to my bright and shiny new blog! Well, I guess introductions are in order.  My name is Mr. Cash and  I am a young engineer who has recently graduated from college.  Although my current profession is engineering, I have always had a fascination with money and finance.  Even as a young child, […]